Therapies and classes that work together.


Medical massage (30 min)

A combination of deep tissue bodywork and functional stretching that restores your body's movement and reduces pain. Pairs well with Pilates.


A fundamental approach to Pilates that focuses on core strength and stability. Pairs nicely with massage and chiropractic, especially if you're rehabbing an injury.


If you're feeling like your body needs a break, this is the therapy for you. Reduce inflammation, and rebalance your energy levels with this gentle therapy. Pairs well with Yoga.


chiropractic (30 min)

A conservative approach to this hands-on favorite. Perfect for reducing joint stiffness and improving range of motion. Pairs well with Yoga or Pilates.

restorative yoga (30 min)

Emphasis on slow, steady, flowing movements that guide you to a state of physical and mental balance. Pairs well with acupuncture or chiropractic, especially if you're feeling 'wound up'.